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Beranda » Displac, LCD, OLED, Running Text » LCD nokia 5110 Blue color

LCD nokia 5110 Blue color

Ditambahkan pada: 8 June 2018 / Kategori:
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Berat : 30gr gram
Stok : Ready Stock (10 pcs)
Dilihat : 8 kali
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Rp 45.000
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# LCD nokia 5110 Blue color

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Deskripsi LCD nokia 5110 Blue color

Deskripsi Produk

Deskripsi Produk

1. 84 x 84 dot matrix LCD, can show 4 lines of characters
2. Use serial interface communicate with the master processor, the number of interface signal line reduced greatly, only 8 signal lines including power and GND. Support different types of MCU, such as the arduino,AVR, S PI, MCS51 and so on. Transfer rate up to 4Mbps, can full speed write display data without waiting time.
3. Can use the conductive glue to connect the module with the printed board, without connecting cable. The metal hooks on the module can fix the module on the printed board, which is very easy to install and replace.
4. LCD controller/driver chip has been bound to LCD chip,the volume of LCD is small
5. Low power supply,the working current in normal situation is lower than 200uA,and has power-down mode

CE=chip selection
DC=data/commands choice
DIN=serial data line
CLK=serial Clock Speed
LIGHT=backlight control terminal
GND=power negative



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