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Beranda » Motor » DC 12V Peristaltic pump

DC 12V Peristaltic pump

Ditambahkan pada: 31 May 2018 / Kategori:
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Berat : 120gr gram
Stok : Ready Stock (10 pcs)
Dilihat : 11 kali
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Rp 205.000
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# DC 12V Peristaltic pump

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Deskripsi DC 12V Peristaltic pump

Deskripsi Produk

kualitas dan tipe terbaik dari jenis Peristaltic pump
ORIGINAL Peristaltic pump

perhatian banyak beredar Peristaltic pump murah, tapi kualitasnya kurang baik dan tipenya beda.

Deskripsi Produk

The pump is basically a geared down DC motor, so it has a lot of torque. Inside the pump is a clover pattern of rollers. As the motor turns, the clover presses on the tube to press the fluid though. The pump does not need to be primed and in fact can self-prime itself with water a half meter with ease. You can PWM the motor to speed up or slow down the flow rate and if you connect the motor the other way it will move fluid the other direction. Works great with either a power transistor (basic on/off) or a motor driver chip such as the L293D.

Please note The pump comes with a bit of silicone tubing already installed and two 1/2 meter pieces attached on with barbed connectors. However, the silicone tubing is not sterile and might be dirty on its way to you. Before using, the tubing must be sterilized! The included tubing is also not rated FDA or USDA compliant and is only meant for basic testing of the pump. If you need to purchase FDA/USDA compliant tubing for use with your food-hacking project check out McMaster-Carr part #3184K8 they have it available by the foot!

Wikipedia has a great article on peristaltic pumps, please check it out for more details on how these devices work!

Uses 3/16 (4.7mm) outer diameter silicone tubing
Working Temperature: 0 40
Motor voltage: 12VDC
Motor current: 300mA
Flow rate: up to 100 mL/min
Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: 27mm diameter motor, 62mm total length
Mounting holes: 3mm diameter, 5mm center-to-center distance

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